St. John the Evangelist Conference



625 111th Avenue North
Naples, FL 34108




The parish of St. John the Evangelist came into being by celebrating its inaugural Mass in February of 1988 at Naples Park Elementary School.  Land for the new church grounds was acquired in 1989, and the first Mass was celebrated in the new Sanctuary on Christmas Eve 1992.  Over the years since, new buildings and additions have been made to the campus, including the Parish Life Center, the Claussen Family Center, and the Early Learning and Childhood Center.

Artist rendering of St. John the Evangelist
Artist rendering of St. John the Evangelist



The St. John the Evangelist Conference is one of the eight parish-affiliated conferences that come together to form the Naples District.  It is our ministry to give glory to God by giving help to those in need here in our parish area and in Collier County.  We prayerfully approach our mission by seeking the face of God in all those we see, and finding no act of charity as beyond our scope of help.

The St. John the  Evangelist conference has a dedicated group of Vincentians that work with the poor to provide assistance with rent and utilities, along with food and hygiene products, as well as counseling and referrals to other agencies.

We are extremely appreciative to our St. John the Evangelist parish family for the continued support of our efforts.  We seek your donations through food drives and private appeals, and the response of our parish continues to be overwhelming.  With your help, we will continue to attack the scourge that is poverty at home here in Collier County.


Is God Calling You?

We operate as the conference of St. John  the Evangelist with the clear understanding that what we do to help the poor is guided  by the teachings of Jesus Christ. We are aware that what we do is all for the glory of God, and to help grow his Kingdom on Earth.

There is a quote from St. Vincent de Paul that is of major support to us:  “to be faithful is to persevere in the service of God right to the end, for without perseverance, all is lost.”

If you think that you would like to strengthen your relationship with God, we welcome you to contact us and consider being a part of our Vincentian ministry.  It is an opportunity that can be of great spiritual enrichment.  For information, please call 239-775-1667 and ask for St. John the Evangelist Conference.