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St. Agnes parish began in October 1999 as a mission of St. John the Evangelist church in Naples.  In 2001 a group was formed under the direction of Ft. Thomas Glackin to begin design on what would be the future St. Agnes mission.  After a successful fundraising campaign, construction began in 2003 and the church was dedicated by Diocese of Venice Bishop Frank Dewane in November 2006.

Sculpture of St. Agnes of Rome

The St. Agnes Conference of St. Vincent de Paul came into being in 2009 as part of the Naples District Council.  Since then our conference has constantly worked to spread the Kingdom of God on Earth by providing help to the less fortunate among us within the boundaries of our parish.

Through the efforts of our Conference, along with the cooperation of our SVdP brothers and sisters throughout Naples, we operate what we believe is the finest charity food pantry in Collier County.

Our St. Agnes Vincentians assist the Naples Council by providing volunteers to collect food, as well as operate to and staff our SVdP choice food pantryfood pantry. Our conference has purchased equipment such as a refrigeration unit for use in the pantry, as well as made large donations to the Council to purchase needed food and hygiene products when food donations do not meet demand.


St. Agnes Conference members playing in the SVdP Inaugural Golf Tournament (2015)
St. Agnes Conference members playing in the SVdP Inaugural Golf Tournament (2015)

Our conference supports and sponsors fund-raising projects to help the less fortunate throughout the year.  With your support, we are able to provide financial assistance to the poor by helping with rent and utilities, and also with other necessities of food,
clothing, bedding, household items, etc.  We follow the motto that “No act of charity is foreign to our Society”.


As Vincentians, we see our service as a way of not only helping the poor but also helping us individually to grow closer to God as we walk our journey of faith. Given circumstances we have successes and we have failures.  However, we continue to be motivated by the teachings of Jesus Christ and coupled with prayerful reflection, we go forward with our mission to serve the Lord.

Thinking about joining us?

If you feel that you would like to be a part of this ministry, we would love to have you join us.  To volunteer, please click the “Volunteer” sub-header at the top-right of this page and fill out the form, or call 239-775-1667 and tell them you are interested in becoming a volunteer at St. Agnes Conference.