St. Vincent dePaul of Naples Assistance Programs

The Naples Council of St. Vincent dePaul, supported by the eight Conferences of Collier County, seeks to help the needy whenever possible. With our experience in giving help to the poor, we have created several programs that focus on specific issues in which we believe we can be most effective in helping our brothers and sisters in need. We are constantly reviewing our results, as well as our successes and failures, in an effort to provide more and better help. Please see the above drop-down boxes under the “Programs” sub-title above for an in-depth explanation of some of our efforts.

In addition to these specifically targeted help programs, we have many other ways to provide assistance:

The centerpiece of our help effort is the Home Visit. Always conducted by a team of Vincentians, the home visit gives us a more effective way to help the less fortunate. Home visits allow us to build stronger relationships with those we seek to help. This often results in better environments that not only relieve poverty but also bring emotional assistance to all concerned.

IMG_9520Our Family Assistance Center is located at 4451 Mercantile Avenue in Naples. On average, over the last several years we have assisted more than 15,000 men, women, and children in the Naples area who come to the center seeking help. These people are interviewed by Vincentian caseworkers to determine need, and when so determined, caseworkers make every effort to provide assistance. The manner in which we offer aide is focused on what we believe are necessities: food and hygiene items, housing, water and electric service, clothing and furniture. 

Your donations of quality used household items are for the most part resold to finance our assistance efforts. However, in some cases, we give those in need vouchers to our thrift stores for items that may help alleviate their situation such as bedding, linens, clothing, and furniture.

Our Holiday Assistance Program offers Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, as well as Christmas gifts for children.