Prayer List

As we receive names in our prayer request form, they will be added here.
Please pray with us for the following people:
Cary DeLoach
Neil Janas

Erin Morrissey
Barbara Ann McKinney’s Family & Friends
Mary Hutchins
John Bingham
Denise Michaels’ Family & Friends
Leo Nash’s Family & Friends
Larry Hamilton
Don Larson
Bob Boyne
Mia Isabelle Nugent
Ken Rote’s Family & Friends
Ellie Rote
Iris Rodriguez
Ana Rodriguez
Judy Kuethe
Judy Medeiros & Family
Dan Flynn
Riordan C.
Bill Pavin
Barrie Schmitt & Family
Karolyn Gladdys & Family
Adele Wilhelm
Domenica H.
David Gallimore
Bertram Baker
Mark Baker’s Family
Mary Brown
Denis Dugan
Betty Sullivan’s Family & Friends
John DelDebbio
Marilyn Mongiello
Esther Scuderi