Meals on Wheels

svdp-helps-peopleThe St. Vincent dePaul Meals-On-Wheels program serves the homebound and needy by providing one meal a day. Monday through Friday.

Approximately 275 recipients receive hot meals; for weekends they receive frozen meals. 

In order to complete this mission, nearly 200 volunteer drivers deliver at least one day per week. Often,  this service provides the only contact the recipient may have with a person.  The program not only provides nutrition but our drivers report that they are blessed by the reaction and gratuity of those who the program serves.

Commencing in 2014, the Naples Council has undertaken to carefully study the program in order to improve all facets.  In order to accomplish this goal, we have or are working on:

  • We have conducted two surveys of the recipients to look into such things as meal satisfaction, regularity of delivery, courteousness of delivery personnel, quality of the overall service.
  • We are currently interviewing all meals on wheels recipients to find more and better ways to offer assistance.  Through these home visits, we are able to better assess and serve the needs of our clients.  dsc0114
  • We have had the meals inspected by a hospital food service group for quality and nutritional value.
  • We are constantly reviewing the program to ensure cost-effectiveness.


We are extremely grateful to and very proud of our volunteer drivers who make this program possible by providing their own cars and gasoline.  In an average month, in total, drivers cover almost 4,500 miles, delivering over 6,000 meals.

If you would like to become a volunteer delivering meals to the homebound, please call Carol (Meals On Wheels Coordinator) at 239-775-2907 ext. 5.

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