The Society of St. Vincent dePaul in Naples operates under  “The Rule of the Society” that gives and controls powers within our organization.

The Naples District  “Council” is made up of eight “Conferences”.  The Conferences are not underneath the Council but rather come together to form consensus and support the Council.IMG_9520

The Council operates with a budget of over $2.5 million.  Thus it is necessary that the conferences prayerfully make decisions that will have a major effect on how SVdP of Naples ultimately helps the needy.

The Council is directed by a Board of Directors which is composed of a President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary, and Treasurer plus the presidents of each of the eight conferences.
The conferences are affiliated with the parishes in Naples in name and in spirit, however, the conferences operate independently of the parish.  The eight conferences and the year they joined the council are:

St. Agnes                         2009                                   St. John the Evangelist      1991
St. Ann                            1964                                    San Marco                            1981
St. Elizabeth Seton       1986                                    St. Peter the Apostle           1981
St. Finnbarr                    2011                                    St. William                            1981

Conferences work together in prayerful consensus as a council but operate independently of each other.  By reading the individual description of each (under the “Conferences” header) you can see that conferences may have different projects or ways of helping those in need.  Yet, all conferences are dedicated to the mission of the Society.

Please see the drop down box under the “Conferences” sub-header for a description of each conference.