SVdP of Naples “Paraclete in Action” Program

stvincentdepaulsocietylogo-useIn a perfect world, there would be no poverty. The work of the St. Vincent dePaul Society and in particular our Paraclete Program is dedicated to bring not only help in time of dire need but also to bring certain individuals and families a permanent change to that of self-sufficiency.

In brief, the goal of the Paraclete in Action is to provide Systemic Change to a limited number of families (or individuals) and bring them to a level of self-sufficiency. Simply put, we look at poverty as a solvable circumstance and seek to end it one family or individual at a time.

As realists,  we are aware that given the overwhelming poverty in our area that grossly exceeds our resources to help,  this program cannot be used for everyone we see who seek help.  Every situation of poverty can differ from another.  We see so many people who at one time were economically secure, and that because of circumstances now find themselves unable to meet their obligations. By applying the principles of this program we believe that we can take a certain number of these individuals and families and bring them to economic security through additional financial help, education, help from other community agencies, and prayer.


Thus, each fiscal year, the Naples Council devotes a portion of its budget to the operation of the Paraclete Program.  The board has appointed a Chairperson who is supported by extremely experienced Vincentians who work with those selected for the program.  Started in fiscal 2015-2016, we are thrilled to report successes in the program.  We have taught budgeting and proper job seeking skills, and we have received help from our community partners.  We have counseled on the necessity to plan forward and to expect the unexpected.  We have brought God and the power of prayer to these people.  As we go forward we look to expand this program to bring more people out of poverty and on the road to financial security.

The banner picture at the top of this page is a representation of the founder of our Society, Blessed Frederic Ozanam.  The year is circa. 1833, the place is Paris, France, now the international headquarters of our Society.  The representation is of Ozanam making a home visit delivering food to a needy family.  Approximately 185 years later, we still strive to serve the poor in much the same manner.  Hopefully. through our Paraclete program, we can help those in difficulty walk across the bridge and away from poverty.